Stainless Steel Tandoor

Tandoor is something which one can find in almost all north Indian house and it hotels as well since tandoor dishes are a favorite among all food lovers but creating a tandoor in todayâs small, closed houses is a big and hazardous problem. Keeping this in mind we have manufactured Stainless Steel Tandoor which are easy to use, easy to clean and extremely hygienic giving you the best tandoori food. Our product Stainless Steel Catering Tandoor is a hit amongst hotels , resorts and catering houses all over India since it can make tandoori food at high speed, in large quantities and hygienic too. Extremely solid in build, durable and corrosion free it has become a favorite among one and all.

Properties :-
  • Easily installed
  • Does not take much space
  • Safe
  • Hygienic
  • User friendly

Additional Information

Product Code Stainless Steel Tand